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Month: November 2018

Facebook treating US territories as not part of the United States

According to Facebook, the nearly 4 million Americans living in the United States territories do not live in the “United States.” Instead, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands are each treated as being a separate foreign country. As a result, on #GivingTuesday residents of US territories will be unable to use Facebook’s charitable donation tools to support their favorite charities. For Equally American, a nonprofit advocacy organization working to end the second class treatment of Americans living in US territories, Facebook’s discriminatory practices both perpetuate misconceptions about US territories and restrict...

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US Territories’ November 19-25, 2018 news week in tweets

Guest Workers Unable to Receive Aid After Super Typhoon Yutu Sonny Raguindin is among at least a few thousand residents of the Northern Mariana Islands who lost their homes in Super Typhoon Yutu and are ineligible for some forms of recovery assistance because of their immigration status. — NBC News (@NBCNews) November 21, 2018 This year, over 8,000 guest workers received special permits to work in the Northern Mariana Islands. Because of their immigration status, these guest workers are unable to receive aid after Super Typhoon Yutu devastated the islands. Scientists Work to Save Puerto Rican Parrots Biologists...

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Blue wave extends to Guam, US Virgin Islands, as American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands reelect Republicans

On November 6, residents of most US territories went to the polls to select their governors and Territorial Delegates to the US House of Representatives. Puerto Rico is the only territory to not have had any contests during 2018. Following the trends on the mainland, Guam and the US Virgin Islands saw Democratic gains in the governorship, as American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands reelected their Republican leadership. United States Virgin Islands Stacey Plaskett (D) was reelected after running unopposed for territorial delegate. As a non-voting delegate, she cannot vote for Speaker of the House, but has expressed...

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PRatian, the Puerto Rican startup seeking to revolutionize agriculture through space tech

The Puerto Rican startup PRatian hopes to utilize space technology to make famine a tale of the past. A shining example of social entrepreneurship, by commercializing space technology PRatian believes this technology can disrupt the agriculture sector for the benefit of society. PRatian’s CEO Axel Garcia was employed by and studied at NASA, where he largely worked on how to grow plants in extreme environments. PRatian’s mission, as stated by Garcia in an interview, is “to not only contribute with our journey to enable deep space travel, but also [ improve ] societies’ capability here on Earth.” Although the...

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US Virgin Islands Senate considers loan to finance hotel construction

For islands situated in the pristine Caribbean Sea, tourism constitutes a large, if not the largest, portion of their economy. This is especially true for the United States Virgin Islands. According to one report published in 2014 by the World Travel and Tourism Council, in totality roughly 30% of the territory’s GDP is tourism-generated. And almost a quarter of the territory’s employment, both directly and indirectly, requires a thriving tourism industry. These estimates are actually on the low end, because according to another report published in 2014 by Euromonitor International at least half of the islands’ inhabitants are dependant...

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