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Month: April 2019

Ricardo Rosselló makes case for re-election

On March 2, the incumbent Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló announced his intention to seek a second term in office. As the presumptive nominee of the New Progressive Party, Puerto Rico’s pro-statehood party, Rosselló has begun his campaign by placing the question of statehood at the center of his agenda. Elected in 2016 on a vision to reform and address the country’s persistent economic and governance challenges, Rosselló has made considerable strides during his tenure. In addition to falling crime rates and unemployment, major commitments have been made to reconstruction efforts toward infrastructure and energy production. Rosselló promised...

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US Territories’ April 22-28, 2019 news week in tweets

Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello slams President Trump in speech 🔵🎥| I would now like to address President Donald Trump and remind him that, by rejecting equality, he is discriminating against over 3 million American citizens in Puerto Rico. #MensajeDeEstado #AgendaDePuertoRico — Ricardo Rossello (@ricardorossello) April 25, 2019 Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló (NPP, D) slams President Donald Trump saying he is discriminating against the 3 million American citizens in Puerto Rico. He went on to call for Puerto Rico’s treatment to be a national civil rights issue in the 2020 election. Researchers find that Children among most...

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Despite some economic expansion, American Samoa’s economy heading for decline

The American Samoa Economic Forecast (ASEF) 2019 forecasted a decrease in the real gross domestic product (GDP) of American Samoa this year through 2022. The report also estimated direct and indirect damage costs of up to $186 million across the territory caused due to the Tropical Storm Gita. The United States government and numerous international nonprofit organizations have provided millions of dollars in aid to assist in recuperating the various affected sectors of the economy. The report provides practical insights into the local market activity and other economic trends that will be useful for the businesses and policy makers...

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Puerto Rico looking to incentivize agriculture to boost economy

Food and agriculture are part of the backbone of the global economy. In the United States alone farms contributed $136.7 billion, while the agriculture and food industry as a whole created nearly $1 trillion of economic impact, totaling approximately 5.5% of the entire gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.The businesses and government in Puerto Rico have their eye on the agriculture industry, as they look to create sustainable development and future growth through the industry’s economic contributions. In a recent interview with Accuweather, the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico, Carlos Flores Ortega, discussed Governor...

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US Territories’ April 15-21, 2019 news week in tweets

Public Energy Policy Law of Puerto Rico targets 100% renewable energy by 2050 Puerto Rico will stop burning coal next year (2020) on its way to 100% clean, renewable energy — Mark Z. Jacobson (@mzjacobson) April 20, 2019 Ricardo Rosselló, Governor of Puerto Rico, signed the Public Energy Policy Law of Puerto Rico, which targets relying on 100% renewable energy by 2050. The plan also looks to eliminate coal, completely, by 2028 and to have 40% of the islands’ energy needs to be renewable by 2025. Puerto Rico to pay $1.5 billion to McKinsey & Co. to oversee Restructuring...

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