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Month: June 2019

Business is booming in the United States Virgin Islands

Throughout the month of May, newly-elected Governor of the United States Virgin Islands Albert Bryan Jr. (D) has been making his case for the territory’s resurgent economy. This coincided with the release of his first fiscal year budget proposal that was released on May 30. During May at the Caribbean Hotel and Resort Investment Summit in Miami, the Governor, who traveled to the States with some of his key cabinet and policy makers, made an enthusiastic pitch to investors that right now is the time to invest in the US Virgin Islands. “Right now we have opportunities in the...

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US House approves $600 million for the Nutrition Assistance Program in Puerto Rico

As had been expected by Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González-Colón (NPP, R), the House of Representatives approved the Disaster Assistance Project (HR 2157) that includes an additional $600 million for the Nutrition Assistance Program (PAN). “Just as I undertook to extend the supplementary disaster aid for the purchase of food in Puerto Rico, today I can announce its approval by both legislative bodies within the disaster assistance project that will go to the office of President Trump, who already promised to sign it. The past months have been concrete efforts whose results we see today. I thank Senators...

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US Territories’ May 27-June 2, 2019 news week in tweets

Puerto Rico Remains Vulnerable as Hurricane Season Begins As I flew into Puerto Rico this week, this is the video I captured. Blue= tarps. Governors office tells me there are still 30k homes damaged by hurricane Maria (2017) with tarps. And, the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season begins today. — Leyla Santiago (@leylasantiago) June 1, 2019 Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Blue tarps cover houses throughout the territory. As hurricane season begins Puerto Rico remains vulnerable to environmental disasters. Ricardo Rossello Calls Out Trump’s Disaster Relief Lies Trump keeps claiming that he gave $91...

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What to do this week of June 2, 2019

131 weeks down, 74 weeks to the presidential election. The AoC Checklist features clear, well-researched actions for Americans who value democracy, equality, voting, and respect. To stay engaged through challenging times, we practice gratitude, self-care, and celebration. I value democracy. In the month of June, the AoC Checklist focuses almost exclusively on protecting our right to vote in preparation for the 2020 election. Click the link below for this week’s actions. AoCC Voter Empowerment Project: Actions 1-6 Acts of Gratitude Our acts of gratitude are taking a week off, but will be back in the next edition. Good news National U.S....

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