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Author: Elizabeth Hansel

Mismanagement in municipalities is hurting Puerto Ricans

Currently at the forefront of Puerto Rican news is PROMESA and the territory’s struggle with its over $70 billion in debt. There are many different opinions on how to best address Puerto Rico’s debt crisis but one consensus is that the debt is there and the unmitigated growth of debt must be stopped. How such an amount of debt was accumulated is a complex question with a complex answer pointing in many different directions. One direction to look, however, is the smaller or local government systems within the territory or municipalities. Puerto Rico is divided into 78 municipalities with...

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What Brexit means for America and Puerto Rico

Overnight the United Kingdom has become a wild entity throwing most of the world’s economy into confusion, and making its own future very unsure. By leaving the European Union, the UK is abandoning security and economic structures that have held the continent together. This will mean changes in trade, immigration and travel as well as negotiations but the exit will have even more sustentative changes as time goes on. The effect of this vote on the United States is already visible. Both the dollar and the yen have surged in comparison to both the pound and the euro, which...

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