Pasquines runs as a 0 budget nonprofit organization, whose work is entirely performed by volunteers. We do aim to raise funds and expand our operations through support from our readers.

Our finances are reported through our annual reports to the Puerto Rico Department of State:


Pasquines is primarily governed by its Code, which serves as the organization’s articles of incorporation. Pasquines will be governed by this Code, and by its Board of Directors, who will work to ensure the operations, strategy and content align with the organization’s purpose, mission, and vision. The Board of Directors will be composed of the Editor in Chief, who will serve as chair of the board, and as the organization’s publisher and chief executive officer; the Managing Editor, who will serve as vice chair of the board; and all other officials named to the board by the Editor in Chief.

Board of Directors

  1. William-Jose Velez
    Editor in Chief, Board Chair
  2. Vacant
    Managing Editor, Board Vice Chair
  3. Vacant Seat 1
  4. Vacant Seat 2
  5. Vacant Seat 3
  6. Vacant Seat 4
  7. Vacant Seat 5