Yesterday, Tribuna Puerto Rico, a online news site, published an editorial apologizing for what they described as lying to its readers, by publishing directly from Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla that there was a new investment in the Luis Munoz Marin Airport, that would create hundreds of new jobs.

Then, unlike most of the major news outlets in Puerto Rico, Tribuna researched and found that the “new” investment was actually announced two years ago, under then Governor Luis Fortuno.

Someone did not like that post, because hours later Tribuna’s site went down.


News outlet attacks aren’t anything new, and if somehow, someone connected to the government is responsible for the cyberattack, it would not be the first time a media outlet feels attacked. Vocero, one of the three largest newspapers is being challenged during their bankruptcy process in court by the government.

In any case, the attack seemed to not have any effect. Tribuna posted that the editorial received more than 120,000 visits.


They could be more careful about what they post about the government like the other news outlets do, but we can all agree it’s better that they do not.