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Rubio Addresses Puerto Rico Status, Calls for a Two-Option Ballot Plebiscite


Like with any controversial topic, it is usual to see Marco Rubio take vague, non-specific positions that don’t really tie him. The issue of Puerto Rico’s status is no exception. But this week the Puerto Rico Report found this video of Rubio being asked about the issue. After issuing the normal, if albeit meaningless line supporting that Puerto Ricans make the final decision (as if anyone is suggesting something else), he then espoused support for a plebiscite with only two options.

From the article:

“Ultimately, the people of Puerto Rico will have to decide” the territory’s status, explained Rubio, but, he added, any upcoming referendum should include “a ballot question that allows them two choices – not three – but two very clear choices” given the disputes that followed the 2012 vote.

Nice to know. It likely will result in nothing because Rubio is avoiding strong positions. But still, nice to see chatter from both sides of the aisle on the issue. Maybe one day they’ll do something about it.