Earlier today several articles came up about the Federal Government’s new analytics website analytics.usa.gov, which lets you see the most visited sites owned by the Government. It was looking at this site when I stumbled across the top 10 list of most visited pages, and found this:


Look at the 8th listing.

It looks as if the We The People petition seeking the removal of Alejandro Garcia Padilla as governor of Puerto Rico is garnering its fair share of web traffic. The data provided in the site is enough to show it’s the White House’s most visited page, and the federal government’s eighth most visited page (as this post was written, it fluctuated between the seventh and eighth positions).

This will come as no big surprise to those who have been following the story of this petition, which has garnered significant momentum. As of publishing time, the petition was only missing 3,456 signatures to reach the 100,000 signature threshold established by the White House as a requirement for an official response. The deadline is tomorrow May 20, but it looks likely that there will be enough signatures by then, given the traffic it is generating.

Whether the petition actually garners a response, or even national attention is yet to be seen. For now, at the very least it has caught the eye of one or two federal government webmasters. Does that count for something?