Bloomberg continues its impressive coverage of the disaster in Puerto Rico, now highlighting what has happened since US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew called leaders in the territory and told them to get their act together.

From the article:

It was April 28, and U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew called to tell Puerto Rico officials they must confront one of the island’s gravest financial crises without a bailout. Saddled with $72 billion in debt, the commonwealth — a U.S. territory since the Spanish-American War — needs a “credible” plan, Lew said.
The Caribbean island is hurtling toward the fiscal brink. After years of borrowing to paper over deficits, and with $630 million due to investors on July 1, Puerto Rico may confront the unthinkable: a default. The prospect has set Wall Street on edge as bond yields surpass those of Argentina and Greece; about half of municipal mutual funds hold commonwealth debt.

Is it time to panic yet?