Former speaker of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico Jennifer Gonzalez refers back to Puerto Rico’s morals and values when it comes to resolving the island’s debt problem. Puerto Ricans have always been taught to keep promises and pay back their debt and Gonzalez believes that this should also apply when it comes to the governance of the island.

“As Puerto Ricans, we were raised to know that we pay our debts and we keep our promises. When it comes to the body politic that represents all of us, this situation is no different. Let’s not throw an obstacle into our long-term prospects and hurt our ability to access the capital markets down the road. Instead, let’s take the high road, follow our moral values and abide by our commitments.”

She believes filing for bankruptcy will only hurt Puerto Rico in the long run. Sometimes when someone presents an argument against proposed solutions, they fail to provide alternatives. However, Gonzalez not only stated the consequences of filing for bankruptcy, she also provided different available options to pay back the debt. This makes her argument that much stronger.