PRSSA falls short on elections

by Jun 15, 2016Elections0 comments

Every May, the constitution of the Puerto Rico Statehood Student Association (PRSSA) orders elections for their governing National Board. The current National board consists of a President, associate Vice President, Executive Vice President, a Secretary and a treasurer.

The process as outlined by the constitution dictates that any active member may run for a board position so long as they will remain an active member throughout their term in office. Additionally current board members may run for office so long as they remain an active member.

Unfortunately for the PRSSA, recent years have seen following through on this process increasingly difficult. Last year saw the elections being postponed until June, although some had been fearing they would not occur at all.

With the deadline for elections having come and gone, there is little word if any from the PRSSA about whether the elections will occur. All information available on the PRSSA website shows a National Board unchanged from the previous year. The PRSSA was also unavailable when asked for comment on the matter

This development comes as the latest in an ongoing decline in the PRSSA. This decline has seen many of its national chapters become inactive.

Declines are nothing new for the PRSSA which has at various points fallen into inactivity, only to be later revived by new leadership. The most recent of these revivals came in 2007 when the organization was given new life by Jose Cabrera and William-Jose Velez.

Whether or not this passing of a constitutional election deadline is merely a minor hiccup or a the sign of a much larger issue remains to be seen. Glimmers of hope can be found on both the PRSSA Facebook page as well as its Twitter feed as both remain recently active.