A Super PAC that hoped to Influence Latinx voters

by Nov 25, 2016Elections0 comments

In a particularly decisive election season this past fall, many individuals felt compelled to take action in order to protect rights and views that many Americans take for granted. This is particularly true when it comes to the actions of PACs and Super PACs who are able to contribute towards issue advocacy or even to individual candidates themselves. Since the infamous Citizens United Supreme Court case, these organizations have especially had a stronger voice in politics and elections. Now individuals, along with corporations, can give to these groups and use money as speech to attempt to influence political outcomes.

In this election season, PACs and Super PACs became very vital in voicing concerns about particular issues and candidates that threatened many citizens. This is relevant when discussing President-elect Donald Trump and his many racist, bigoted and overall ignorant attacks on American citizens. One Super PAC that formed in order to specifically address these attacks is El Super Pac Voto Latino led by president Maria Teresa. The organization’s website states that “El Super PAC Voto Latino was developed with the explicit purpose of coming after those who came after the Latino community. This election cycle, with the level of racism and bigotry shared by candidates, we felt we needed to take the gloves off and start a Super PAC. Our hope is that, once and for all, candidates and political parties will realize they cannot mistreat the Latino community and not face the consequences.”

El Super Pac is primarily funded through Priorities USA Action which is the largest Democratic Party Super PAC that was originally founded in 2011 during President Obama’s run for re-election. It now contributes to political campaigns along with smaller Super PACs like El Super Pac in order to influence and support the message made by these organizations. El Super Pac spent this funding on television ads against Donald Trump aimed towards Latinx voters. All of the Pac’s independent expenditures, in fact, were spent against Donald Trump. OpenSecrets.org shares that in the 2016 year the PAC received approximatly $1,372,000 from Priorities USA Action and its total independent expenditures add up to around $1,383,677. The PAC, however, has not contributed to an individual candidate and has not received contributions from individuals over $200. This further proves the issue focus of the PAC and its main purpose of reaching out to Latinx voters and attempting to persuade them from supporting Donald Trump.

The ads created by El Super Pac were especially important because they are targeting Latinx voters by persuading them that Trump is against them as individuals. These ads use quotes from Mr. Trump referencing the wall he plans to build on the American-Mexico border as well as racist remarks he has encouraged and made against citizens of Latinx heritage. While not specifically advocating for any other candidate, it is clear that El Super Pac did not take this election lightly and saw much of what was being said as a direct threat to Latinx citizens. Due to organizations such as El Super Pac, our elections have changed in that many organizations can share their opinions in the hope of influencing voters. While El Super Pac did not prevent Donald Trump becoming our next President, it is certainly changing the demographic of voters and ensuring each citizen receives a voice in elections.