What to Do This Week of February 26, 2017

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Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience

16 weeks down, 88 weeks to go until mid-term elections. Still taking deep breaths?

The intention of this weekly document is to make clear, hype-free suggestions for action backed by well-considered research. If an issue doesn’t affect you, consider whether you would support this issue on behalf of other Americans, then act accordingly. Although diligently prepared, contents are subject to human error. Please do your own research.

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Prioritize self care

Wait. Before you skip this suggestion as fluffy or irrelevant, check out these two resources I created and see what you think.

First, read this timely message I wrote about geese. Yes, geese. 🙂 (link)

Second, use this worksheet to create a self care plan (link). It will be a vital tool to help you hang in there for the long haul. We need you.


Act on your beliefs and values

I believe I can make a difference.

Print out the Americans of Conscience Action Worksheet and make a plan.
Or use this adorable pocket version by the amazing Kelly Wooten.

Want more actions?

I wrote here about why I’m away this weekend. To make sure you get the resources you need to resist, I am recommending three sites for well-vetted, powerful actions.

Choose based on how much energy you (or your group) have this week:

All three of these sites are part of the 50-member Action Alliance (of which I’m a part) and are run by really good people I trust. Your normal checklist will be back next week.


Acts of Gratitude

Thank Grace Meng (D-NY) for advocating for women (read for details).
Send a postcard to her address.


Recommended Reading

  • What a failed administration looks like (source).
  • What’s in the news when you ignore 45 (source)?


  • A normal president doesn’t attack the press (source).
  • A normal president seeks to solve disagreements (source).


Good news

  • The White House Comment line is up again! 202-456-1111.
  • St Louis’ Muslim community rallied to repair the Jewish cemetary (source)




Final action

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We’re stronger together!