Puerto Rico’s April 10-16, 2017 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rican Government Creates Non-Profit Organization to save Tourism on the Tropical Island

As a result of recent Zika Fears and several economical problems Puerto Rico has been facing, the tourism population has decreased, causing the revenue to decrease too. Since that revenue could obviously be a great source of interest -given the number of beaches, tropical temperatures and different entertainment- the Government decided to invest on a non-profit organization to bring up Tourism on the Island.


New York demonstrators fight against the latest anti-trans measures passed in Puerto Rico

Melissa Mark-Viverito, the New York City Council and others were in the NYC streets to protest against the unjust removal of rights that were taken from transgender people. This is regarding what the President of Puerto Rico’s Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz did, by disallowing transgender employees (in the Puerto Rican Senate) to have the right to dress according to their gender identity at work and use bathrooms that represent their gender identity. Some say that Rivera-Schatz was simply following President Trump’s example with the public school trans bathroom ban.


Governor Rossello being sued for being “unconstitutional”

The US territory’s Oversight Board, as well as Puerto Rican Governor, Ricardo Rossello are being sued by a labor union for the unconstitutional different economical cuts that are going to be made, especially the ones involving retirement.


Eight US Senators hastily sign and send off document to Attorney General regarding Puerto Rico’s political future, containing many inaccuracies

There has been discussions regarding the lack of attention to the letter brought by the eight United States Senators. Some say, not only is it a lack of respect but also a futile waste of time for the last colony, Puerto Rico.


The Medical School of UPR joins student strike

After the numerous lockdowns of different UPR campus locations-that the students put in place-to protest budget cuts, the University of Puerto Rico’s Medical School joins by closing the school for 3 days.