Puerto Rico’s May 29-June 4, 2017 political week in tweets

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UPR Strikes end, without goals met

8 out of 11 campuses of the UPR voted and decided to lift the strike – which has been ongoing since the beginning of April. While some students finally settled to end the strikes, after meeting with the Oversight Board, some still don’t give up. Students in the Rio Piedras campus decided to keep the strike and lift it under specific conditions.


Oscar Rivera Lopez not going to be involved in Puerto Rican parade

After being met with a lot of controversy, Oscar Rivera will finally not be participating in the New York parade honoring Puerto Rico and himself. Shortly after the news of the latter being honored in the parade, many participants decided to boycott the celebration: the hispanic police, or big companies sponsoring the event such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Jet Blue and others. Oscar Rivera Lopez stepping aside made some happy, but still remains with many supporters of his own.


Plane crash near San juan, 1 tourist missing

The small plane crashed near on the shore of the beach of Pinones, near the city of San Juan, where swimmers helped the two passengers and the pilot who were severely injured to safety. One tourist however, is still missing.


Medicaid or Parade: which is more important?

Puerto Rico is dealing with many budget cuts to the announced bankruptcy, but its healthcare is not in any better situation. It is in a situation that requires action, with more than half a million people losing their coverage.  Many are placing their attention on the New York city parade and Oscar Rivera Lopez’s appearance, rather than on the real problems, thus causing an avoidable distraction.


Political clashes between Statehood and Independence for Puerto Rico

Juan Calderon, chief operating officer of Chicago’s Puerto Rican Cultural Center, was supposedly questioned by an FBI representative about his relations with Democratic Representative Luis Arroyo. According to Calderon, because the two men disagree on Puerto Rico’s political status, they have had an ongoing feud. As a result of this, Arroyo would have threatened to block State grants from going to Calderon’s organization, punishment for believing in Independence. Arroyo obviously continues to deny such accusations and wishes to see Calderon’s resignation.