Puerto Rico’s July 3-9, 2017 political week in tweets

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Benefits of living in Puerto Rico

This is a list of reasons why American entrepreneurs, or citizens who don’t want to deal with big taxes should simply move to Puerto Rico, and in so doing help its economy. Some of the advantages of residing on the islands is “Tax-free interest and dividends earned after you become a resident”, along with “No long-term capital gains tax on appreciation after you become a resident.” Interested yet?

More artists join to help Puerto Rico’s cause

Political commentator John Oliver had originally done a segment on Puerto Rico’s economic crisis, and expressed his disgust over the injustices. Other celebrity (and composer) Lin-Manuel, decided to speak out, in favor of Puerto Rico through a rap style message delivery. The latter’s cause is more personal as both his parents are from the islands of Puerto Rico.


Climate change affecting Puerto Rico too

Climate change is bad news for the fate of Puerto Rico. The EPA has always watched Puerto Rico up close, but now that the Trump administration is in charge, everything might probably change. In the years to come, the heat could in fact result in damaged crops, the annihilation of animals, thus causing many more health problems to the people living there. Governor Rosselló recently said that he plans to promote clean energy on the island, to attempt helping the environment’s future.


Puerto Rico’s steps for the LGBTQ community

Although transgender government employees and students, are not allowed to use the bathrooms or clothes associated with the gender they identify with; but there are still somewhat positive news for the LGBTQ community. Governor Ricardo Rosselló, announced the creation of  a government advisory board to represent and protect the community from any issues on the islands.


Despacito is shaking Puerto Rico’s tourism

‘Despacito’ the song performed by Luis Fonsi and featured by Daddy Yankee, has helped Puerto Rico’s tourism and its economy. The song resulted in a 45% tourism rise on the Island. “Puerto Rico is the true protagonist of this song and this video!” stated the singer and composer of the song.