Puerto Rico enacts laws on tourism, social issues

by Apr 25, 2018Puerto Rico0 comments

These are the latest laws in Puerto Rico enacted through the month of January.  Beginning with a law that seeks to increase tourism in the central region of the main island of Puerto Rico by creating a new “Gastronomic Route” centering on Puerto Rican food culture. Social progress was also the focus of these latest laws with a program that aims to help communities of in public residential buildings, an adoption law that aims to streamline the process of adoption, the inclusion of sign language in schools, and, lastly, an anti-domestic violence programed for foreign women residing in Puerto Rico.

Gastronomic Tourism

As part of a strategic plan to boost tourism and marketing, Article 11 of Law 54-2009 will have the Puerto Rico Tourism Company design a Gastronomic Tour in the central zone of the main island by diversifying tourism offers. It will also create, promote and celebrate artistic gastronomic events in the central region. This law would help expand the recent growth in locally owned businesses and highlight tourism. There already is a successful gastronomic tour named the Pork Highway (Ruta del Lechon) in Guavate, Cayey.

Social Support Network Program

The “Social Support Network”, ascribed to the Department of Housing, will focus on helping families in public residential buildings and in socially disadvantaged communities. The program aims to accomplish this through a partnership between federal, state and municipal authorities, the private sector, non-profit organizations and the communities.

The Puerto Rico Adoption Law

Establishes the “Adoption Law of Puerto Rico” by updating the previous adoption law with the purpose to modernize and streamline the process of adoption in Puerto Rico. It is seen as a progressive move as it makes adoption easier for same-sex couples and single people.  

Sign Language in Schools

The aim of the law is to include sign language courses for all students in public  schools. It will also promote private schools adopting the courses.

Anti-Domestic Violence Program for Foreign Residents

The Puerto Rico Women’s Advocacy Office will now offer a program to help foreign women who experience domestic violence by offering protection and education of anti-domestic violence resources in Puerto Rico. The purpose being the reduction of discrimination and violence against women in the archipelago while helping foreign relations in establishing Puerto Rico as a safe place for foreign women.