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Results for the 2020 Guam are provided by the Guam Election Commission.

US Virgin Islands 2020 General Election results are made available by the USVI Elections System.

American Samoa 2020 General Election results will be posted as they are made available by the American Samoa Election office.

Results for the 2020 Northern Mariana Islands are provided by the Commonwealth Election Commission.

Presidential Electoral College Results

Delegate candidates debate issues facing Guam

Delegate candidates debate issues facing Guam

Not only will November 8 decide the fate of Guam's governorship, but its one congressional delegate seat is also up for grabs. On October 20, the two candidates for delegate of Guam met at the Hyatt Regency Club Resort to debate issues facing the territory. Their...

Guam Democrats discuss senatorial platforms

On September 28, Guam Democrats sat down to discuss possible bills and solutions to various problems facing the territory. The main discussions between the senatorial candidates concerned the economy, healthcare, drugs, and education.  The first major issue...