US Territories’ May 10-16, 2020 news week in tweets

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Influencer Jake Paul endangers turtles in Puerto Rico 

Paul and friends raced trucks along Puerto Rican beaches, potentially endangering nesting turtles. Paul may face penalties or fines. 

The US House of Representatives hears Resolution 279, which would strike down the Insular Cases

The Insular Cases were used to deny civil rights to US territories. This could begin to resolve civil rights issues in Guam, but deeper problems will remain. 

Historical site in St. John was recognized as part of The Underground Railroad 

Leinster Bay in the US Virgin Islands was recently recognized as a part of The Underground Railroad. At least 100 slaves fled to the waterfront site in search of freedom. 

56% of the eligible population has been vaccinated in the Northern Mariana Islands

44,086 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered as of May 14th.

American Samoan Representative Aumua Amata cosponsors PAWS for Veterans bill 

This bill will pair veterans with therapy dogs to help treat mental health issues.