US Department of Energy to launch Puerto Rico Grid Resilience and Transition to 100% Renewable Energy Study

by Feb 16, 2022Federal Government, Puerto Rico0 comments

The United States Department of Energy recently joined the Departments of Homeland Security and Housing and Urban Development, and the Government of Puerto Rico to launch a new effort to accelerate work to strengthen the islands’ grid resilience and advance new initiatives to enhance Puerto Rico’s energy future. The parties executed a Memorandum of Understanding that enhances collaboration among federal agencies and Puerto Rico and kickstarts the PR100 Study.

Puerto Rico has committed to meeting its electricity needs with 100% renewable energy by 2050. The PR100: Puerto Rico Grid Resilience and Transition to 100% Renewable Energy study, led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, will leverage world-class expertise, cross-sector modeling capabilities, and community engagement to generate feasible pathways to affordable and reliable electricity across the archipelago. PR100 is being funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency through an interagency agreement with DOE’s Office of Electricity to support recovery efforts in the islands’ energy sector leveraging the expertise and capabilities of the National Laboratories including Argonne, Lawrence Berkeley, NREL, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, and Sandia. In a webinar, the agencies will explain the scope and benefits of the study and opportunities for engagement.

The PR100 Study is a new effort in the ongoing work to provide reliable, affordable, and resilient electricity to every city and community in Puerto Rico. Researchers leverage the capabilities of the US Department of Energy national labs and insight from the community to set multiple pathways for Puerto Rico to meet its target of 100% renewable electricity by 2050. The rigorous analysis and advanced modeling will demonstrate the mix of solar PV, battery energy storage, wind energy, and other infrastructure that is most achievable, cost-effective, and resilient.

DOE will hold a public informational webinar on February 16 at 12:00 pm AST to offer additional details.

Since Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017, the US Department of Energy and six of its national laboratories have partnered to provide Puerto Rico energy system stakeholders with tools, training, and modeling support to enable planning and operation of the electric power grid with more resilience against further disruptions.