A look at the races for Guam’s upcoming primary election

by Apr 25, 2022Elections, Guam, Headlines0 comments

This year, on August 27, voting for Guam’s primary elections for executive and legislative positions will be held. Primary elections will determine which candidates represent the two main parties in Guam, Democratic and Republican, in the ballot of the general election that occurs in November. Additionally, Delegate Michael San Nicolas has filed his candidacy for governor, meaning that he will be going up against the incumbent Democratic governor in the primaries, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero.

Currently, as the primary election day in August gets closer and closer, more candidates for attorney general, the executive, and Guam Legislature have started to enter the races. In the race for attorney general, the incumbent, Leevin T. Camacho, has begun to fundraise for his reelection campaign, running on his platform over his past three years of success. Alongside Camacho, 2007 Former Attorney General, Douglas Moyan, picked up a candidacy packet and will most likely enter the races on an “adversarial” platform, a contrast to Camacho’s platform that won’t get “distracted by misinformation or pettiness.”

In the bid to be Guam’s only nonvoting delegate in the US House of Representatives, former  speaker and senator, Judi Wat (D), Senator Telena Nelson (D), and Senator Jim Moylan (R) announced official candidacies for the election. In the elections for Guam Legislature, there are currently 41 potential candidates, some incumbent Senators included. Currently, in Guam’s 35th legislature, there is a democratic majority, but this can be subject to change as we near the general elections for Guam Legislature, which holds just 15 sought-after seats.