US Virgin Islands Governor Bryan announces reelection bid

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On May 12, 2022, Governor Albert Bryan (D) and Lt.Governor Tregenza Roach (D) of the United States Virgin Islands announced their bid for reelection. Serving since 2019, they spoke to a crowd at a packed shopping center in St.Croix with the sun setting over the islands.

“Together! Stronger than Ever” echoed supporters, quoting the campaign’s official slogan. The scene was a bubbly atmosphere with music playing. Meanwhile, Bryan took the stage and said his administration would focus on continuing his first term’s progress. He reflected on winning his first term, stating that his team has archived more than “100 accomplishments.”

A large focus of Bryan’s speech was echoing the progress he made during his first term. Bryan said that when we took office, he was told the government would be broke by March. “It’s been three years, and we have not missed a payroll yet,” he announced. “I joined nonprofits and worked to … help the children, and created mentoring programs, scholarship programs. I went and got experience in public housing and health care. I read the public sector and the private sector. I ran my own business, I ran a nonprofit, all in efforts to be prepared for the opportunity that would come before me.”

And that opportunity came with their first term. Both Bryan and his running mate Tregenza Roach focused on their achievements these past 3 years. They listed their efforts in navigating the territory through the pandemic. They also talked about how they free college, improved infrastructure, and developed the government employees’ retirement system.

Bryan is heading the Democratic Party ticket, but there is still competition. Senators Kurt Vialet and Janelle Sarauw also announced their bid for Governor and Lt.Governor as independents. They say that Bryan and Roach haven’t done enough for the common resident and have instead focused their efforts on helping those close to the administration. An educator for many years, Vialet seems eager to expand education among the islands. He says he “will address the infrastructure of schools as well as the learning loss of our students by creating afterschool and summer programs utilizing federal funds”

Still, Bryan and Roch maintain support among both voters and politicians. One such politician is Luther Renee. Renee says that “one good term deserves another,” stating that the pair have the “courage to change course.”