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San Nicolas’s gubernatorial bid in danger following ethics referral to prosecutors

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Congress, Elections, Guam | 0 comments

Guam Delegate Michael F.Q. San Nicolas (D) is being investigated for numerous misdemeanors including misusing campaign funds, accepting improper contributions, and being part of a conspiracy to conceal the payments from those contributions. 

The United States House Committee on Ethics is handing over its findings on the matter to federal prosecutors. All five Republicans and five Democrats of the committee voted unanimously to have the case handed over to the feds. 

According to Joe Taitano II, a writer for the Pacific Daily News, “After waiting nearly three years for an investigation of Delegate Mike San Nicolas, Guam voters can view the ‘substantial evidence’ of potential criminal violations by the delegate in detail through the House Committee on Ethics report”. 

The panel investigating San Nicolas reviewed more than 5,000 pages of material and interviewed 11 witnesses. They found that the Guam delegate “may have violated several campaign finance laws, federal conspiracy law, and laws against witness tampering and obstruction of Congress”. 

One of the main misdemeanor findings was an alleged illegal sum of $9,000 that he accepted during the 2018 election from a local businessman, Andrew Park. According to the FEC, only a maximum of $100 from a single source can be accepted in campaigns.

San Nicolas is currently running in Guam’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. 

These recent events may impact his chances of victory. His alleged ethics violations will have an effect on Guam’s voters and their decisions in their territory’s political future. The outcome of his case will be vital to his campaign.



Lahari Lingam

Lahari Lingam

Lahari Lingam is a sophomore at the Emma Willard School in Troy, New York. Lahari has a strong passion for politics and government and hopes to have a career in a related field. Lahari loves history and is on the Mock Trial team at her school. In her free time, Lahari loves to weightlift, read, spend time with friends and family, and cook. She is a Political Affairs Intern Correspondent at Pasquines.


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