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Puerto Rico’s new job recruitment platform

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Puerto Rico | 0 comments

Over the years, Puerto Rico has struggled with concerningly high unemployment rates. Governor Pedro Pierluisi (NPP, D) has expressed his commitment to combating this, and as of May 2022, Puerto Rico’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in years, at 6.2% with steps being taken to lower it even further.  But Compared to the mainland United States, which has an unemployment rate of around 3.6%, Puerto Rico still has a long way to go. 

The Puerto Rican government recently launched a new platform that can be reached at It seeks to inform people about job opportunities and allow them to submit applications. They will be able to view opportunities with the government and jobs with public corporations. As of now, there are over 250 jobs available to view and apply for on the website. Pierluisi publicly stated that the platform will help with government efficiency by recruiting workers, and will also give more people the opportunity to provide their services to others. It will also increase transparency and equality in job hiring as these opportunities will be available to a broader scope of people. 

The platform was created through a collaboration between the Puerto Rican government’s Office of Human Resources Administration and Transformation (OATRH), and Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Services, where the OATRH was mainly responsible for including government job opportunities on the website. 

Currently, users must submit all necessary documentation to apply for a job once they have found something they are interested in and qualified for, but this might change in the future. The website plans to implement user profiles where job applicants can set up a profile with all of their information for companies to refer to. Additionally, the government is developing a Centralized Human Capital Management system that will complement the job recruitment platform by overseeing people who are offering their services to others. 



Aditi Vikram

Aditi Vikram

Aditi Vikram is a sophomore at Greenhill School in Dallas, Texas. She participates in debate and she is also an active member of the secretariat leadership team of a Model United Nations organization. Aditi is passionate about research and journalism and hopes to learn more through her time at Pasquines. Additionally, she is the VP of Social Media at the Do Re Mi Project, a nonprofit music organization. She also writes articles for Law Insider, as the Chief Editor of Immigration Law. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, playing the clarinet, reading sci-fi books, and listening to music. At Pasquines, Aditi is a former Puerto Rico Affairs Intern Correspondent.



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