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How to help the animals of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Civic and Community Engagement, Headlines, Puerto Rico | 0 comments

Hurricane Fiona has been a source of devastation and disaster for Puerto Rico. Countless animal shelters and sanctuaries have been flooded and damaged, and an estimated 250 pets have been placed in shelters throughout Puerto Rico. In order to care for homeless and shelter pets right now, resources are needed. Luckily there are countless organizations committed to caring for pets during this crisis. Below is a list of organizations ready to provide assistance for our furry friends.

The Sato Project

The Sato Project is a Puerto Rico-based organization that is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. They also focus heavily on disaster relief, providing human and pet food, bottled water, diapers, pet supplies, and more. 

Sanctuario De Animales San Francisco De Asis

Sanctuario De Animales San Francisco De Asis is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals.

Save A Gato

Save A Gato is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare and care of the cats of old San Juan. Right now they could really use donations to help rescue as many cats as possible.

Wings of Rescue

Wings of Rescue is a donation-supported organization that flies abandoned, homeless and at-risk pets from disaster areas to shelters with available space. In times of natural disaster, they use their inbound planes to deliver humanitarian and veterinarian aid, pet supplies, and shelter materials, efficiently using each flight.  

These organizations are all working as hard as they can to provide relief to the animals in Puerto Rico and do much with limited resources. There are many ways to provide relief to the animals of Puerto Rico, volunteering and donating are just a few. Through consistent aid to these organizations the animals of Puerto Rico could be cared for, and given needed medical assistance, donate today and provide immediate relief.

Oreo Velez Gonzalez, Canine Affairs Correspondent at Pasquines, inspired this article.



Sophia Motl

Sophia Motl

Sophia Motl grew up in Minneapolis Minnesota. She is currently a high school student, who is preparing to major in international politics when she goes to college. Sophia is passionate about policy, political affairs, and much more. Throughout Sophia's short career in writing, she has earned various awards and continues to pursue other opportunities. She is a Civic & Community Engagement Intern Correspondent at Pasquines.


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