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US Territories’ October 3-9, 2022 news week in tweets

by | Oct 10, 2022 | News Week in Tweets | 1 comment

Military disregards dangers to sacred areas in their move to Guam

The US military prepares to move 5,000 marines from Okinawa, Japan to Guam; however, they are receiving backlash from Guam residents due to the possible endangerment of several species and deforestation. 

President Biden announces aid for Puerto Rico to help avoid impacts of another natural disaster

President Biden announces $60 million in federal funding to help build a new flood system for Puerto Rico. The President visited the US territory this week. 

Man in St. Croix is arrested for shooting death in April 

Steven Moore was arrested by the United States Virgin Islands Police Department after evidence shows he shot a man in April. The police originally believed this was a suicide, but they soon suspected foul play.

Ericsson partners with American Samoa to provide a high-speed network connection to the region 

Residents in American Samoa can expect 5G internet and high-speed connections after Ericcson partners with Bluesky, a service provider for the region, in efforts to modernize the territory’s network. 

Northern Mariana Islands sports team faces backlash after upset in a game against China

The Northern Mariana Islands soccer team faced China in a match to qualify for the under-17s Asian Cup, and the US territory ended up losing 11-0. After receiving backlash over the internet for the disappointing loss, the coach made a statement on the event, suggesting it was an unfair match-up.



Noah Killeen

Noah Killeen

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  1. Ronald N Levy

    Biden’s meeting with the families–what can it do for them, for him or for anyone? Is meeting with the families, unless SOMEONE benefits, the best possible use of Biden’s time or even a good use of time? Is he focusing enough on helpimng the people rather than on trying to make some kind of an impression?


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