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La Borinqueña can shift public opinion toward Puerto Rico

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Opinion, Puerto Rico | 0 comments

Thousands trickle into the cinema for the latest Marvel movie. They watch in awe as the forces of good and evil vie for supremacy. Each story, ostensibly defined by a tangled love affair, double-plot twist, and triumphant battle, garners millions in box office sales. However, the comic lineup holds a group of characters who all originate from the United States mainland. An alarming wave of homogeneity pervades the superhero industry.

Meanwhile, a new definition of superhero graces Puerto Rico. La Borinqueña, an Afro-Boricua goddess, battles the confluence of challenges facing the archipelago. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, La Borinqueña fearlessly tackled the devastation. Her villain was not an individual; rather, her villain was remnants of American imperialism. 

La Borinqueña’s ceaseless quest for justice traverses climate change, a lackluster solar grid, and environmental degradation. Proudly donning the Puerto Rican flag, she swoops in to remedy the challenges neglected by the federal government. Thus, the time has arrived to amplify her stature beyond Puerto Rico and into the general public’s arms. 

The opportunity to promote a diversity of voices in the comic industry cannot be ignored. For too long, fans have absorbed the triumphant tales of brawny white men. They yearn for a fresh story, one that caters to the necessities of the perennially underserved and neglected. The underlying motif in superhero films is quite simple: to defend the common man from the dangers they themselves cannot withstand. Puerto Rico embodies this virtue like no other.

The superhero industry holds a fundamental burden for its viewers. A cast of characters that reflect the audience must be implemented. It is simply a matter of decency.

Whether in the movie theater, classroom, or Roosevelt Room, grassroots change can be catalyzed with an appeal to pathos. We must galvanize hearts and souls to progress citizens and policymakers toward dignity. The time has arrived for La Borinqueña to arrive on the big screen.



Jake Siesel

Jake Siesel

Jake is a senior at Providence Day School in Charlotte, North Carolina. He strives to ignite grassroots advocacy, utilizing an attorneyship at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Teen Court and the platform at Pasquines to champion justice in his community and beyond. Jake utilizes education as a forum for change. He serves as an educator for young scholars, contributing to the Teen Board for Freedom School Partners, mentoring for Big Brother Big Sisters of America, and teaching at a Hebrew School. At Providence Day, Jake spearheads Students for the Political Advancement of Mankind and the Hispanic Culture Club, along with playing for the Varsity Tennis Team. Jake is an Opinion Intern Correspondent at Pasquines.


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