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US Territories’ February 6-12, 2023 news week in tweets

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US House of Representatives passes bill to make disaster assistance more accessible and transparent

Two bills sponsored by Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González-Colón (R) of Puerto Rico were recently passed by the US House of Representatives. The bills intend to develop an online portal that tracks the aid of federal agencies and supports families in applying for federal assistance. 

Managing the outdated St. Croix water infrastructure is a priority for WAPA

With a significant water loss due to aging infrastructure in the US Virgin Islands, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) suggests they have worked relentlessly to counteract the recent shortage. Some neighborhoods may continue to face low water pressure and little water in the coming weeks.  

Efforts to reduce the financial burden on US territories have been announced by the Biden-Harris Administration

In the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to improve infrastructure and economic aid to the US territories,  the Office of Management and Budget has declared that all federal agencies must waive local cost share requirements that equate to less than $200,000 for the US territories. 

American Samoa’s infrastructure needs cost over $1.7 billion

In a meeting with a United States Senate committee, Governor Lemanu Magua (I) suggests that American Samoa’s infrastructure projects will cost over $1.l7 billion. He is optimistic that the US will cover some of the cost.

The argument for ending the law in Guam that prohibits drug offenders from ever receiving federal food assistance intensifies

Senator William Parkinson (D) proposes a bill to allow drug offenders in Guam to eventually receive federal food assistance. They suggest it is a cruel punishment and won’t aid the drug abuse victims in rehabilitation. 



Noah Killeen

Noah Killeen

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