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Opportunity and inclusivity: Guam displays support towards athletes with special needs

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Civic and Community Engagement, Guam | 0 comments

The presence of the community was evident on March 23. Hundreds of community members, volunteers, athletes, and families gathered to support Special Olympics athletes in the 48th annual Special Olympics Guam event.

Taking place at Okkodo High School, 265 athletes competed in a variety of events. The most notable activity was the Law Enforcement Torch run, which included local police, military, and other safety officers in support. The course was 15 miles, but despite its length and difficulty, it gave the event a sense of inclusivity and affinity. There were over 200 participants from 26 agencies, a true display of support for all the athletes and their families. 

From sprints to shot put, 265 Special Olympics athletes spent their morning competing and working to be their best selves, all while simultaneously having a great time. A majority of the volunteers and supporters are in attendance to be there for these athletes and to help them succeed. For most of the athletes big events like these are out of their comfort zone, so an opportunity like this one is particularly special as all in attendance are there to help them achieve their goals and have a good time. 

Special Olympics Guam is a local nonprofit that aims to provide “sports opportunities” to individuals with disabilities. The organization is always improving and is working to expand its list of events every year to make the experience even more inclusive and to find something for everyone. 

Although the event was only one day long, it took weeks of preparation and planning not only for the coordinators and volunteers but for the athletes as well.

The whole event was a celebration of inclusivity, unity, and the support that the event received from local organizations and families, and it wouldn’t have been possible without countless volunteers and sponsors. 



Sophia Motl

Sophia Motl

Sophia Motl grew up in Minneapolis Minnesota. She is currently a high school student, who is preparing to major in international politics when she goes to college. Sophia is passionate about policy, political affairs, and much more. Throughout Sophia's short career in writing, she has earned various awards and continues to pursue other opportunities. She is a Civic & Community Engagement Intern Correspondent at Pasquines.


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