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Author: Astharte De los santos

Rebuilding the Islands: The Equitable Rebuild Act of 2017

With everything that the United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have gone through recently, it must be very hard for the residents of these territories to remain hopeful. After Hurricanes Maria and Irma, life has not been the same in the US Virgin Islands. From extreme power outages, to water contamination with minimal access to healthcare, natives of these islands affected by the hurricanes have felt abandoned in these last few months. It is great to hear that one senator of the United States couldn’t remain without doing anything. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, along with six cosponsors: Senators...

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The state of the US Virgin Islands after Maria

Known for its white sandy beaches and tropical climate, it is a destination for many that like adventure and travel. The United States Virgin Islands are a group of islands located beautifully in the insular part of the US, in the Caribbean, 40 miles east of Puerto Rico. So when Hurricane Irma and Maria hit this past September, the US Virgin Islands weren’t anymore safer. Most residents were in fear of their lives and losing all their possessions. Not to mention the devastation and damage that delayed some businesses from opening for more than two weeks after the storms...

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