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Author: Akrisha Raza

Political war between FEMA and local leaders in Puerto Rico hampering recovery efforts

Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator William “Brock” Long, said on Monday October 9, at FEMA headquarters in Washington that, the federal response to Hurricane Maria has been hampered by Puerto Rico’s political culture and a lack of unity among leaders on the island. He added, in the continental United States, “politics between Republicans and Democrats is bad enough, but in Puerto Rico, politics is even worse in many cases.” He gave these comments after a long session in which he was defending the federal response by the Trump administration to the hurricane’s devastation. He emphasized on being apolitical, but...

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The Jones Act and Hurricane Maria: how this century-old law is affecting recovery efforts

People and government officials from Puerto Rico appreciated President Donald Trump’s decision of temporary waiving the Merchant Marine Act or Jones Act of 1920 on September 28, after a long hesitation. This waiver of the Jones Act helped fasten the relief activities from the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. How was this century old law affecting the relief activities? The law was intended to form a secure network of trade seafarers within the US in post-World War I era, as most of the US fleet was demolished by the German fleet. This act entails all merchandises transported between US...

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