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Author: Dakota Mellish

Supported, but trapped: the Guamanian economy’s reliance on the US military

Far away from the United States mainland, the venerable B-52 bomber soars high above the Pacific Ocean. It’s on a training exercise, and is returning to base. It’s destination isn’t Hawaii though, it’s Guam. The US territories, such as Guam, offer strategic staging points for the Air Force and the Navy, especially with the ongoing rise of the Chinese military. While Guam is the primary base, there are troops stationed in Puerto Rico, and the Army even recruits from American Samoa. Approximately 4,000 troops are stationed in Guam, roughly 3% of its population. This number is expected to rise...

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How you can support the US Territories

By this time of the year, you are probably making plans for a vacation; perhaps for this summer, the coming winter, or even next summer. Maybe you already have a destination picked out, but if you haven’t, consider visiting one of the US territories. There are several benefits to doing this. For one, the territories do not require a passport if you are a US citizen, immediately saving you hundreds of dollars. English is also widely spoken, so navigating your way through a place such as the Northern Mariana Islands will not be difficult. The case for vacationing in...

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Territories lag behind national economy

Nationally, the United States economy has been growing steadily ever since the end of the recession. One such indicator of this national trend is unemployment, which has recently been dropping. Politicians such as President Trump have been quick to praise this achievement, particularly when it comes to the minority rates. Some have been quick to fact check him, while others agree with his claims. Nevertheless, the overall unemployment rate has been decreasing for the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in April, unemployment fell to 3.9%. The last time it reached below 4.0% was in December...

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