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Author: Ebonie Ellison

Women hold the key to Puerto Rico’s recovery

In light of recent events that have the islands of Puerto Rico reeling from intense winds and record breaking hurricanes, we wonder, what will happen next for the islands? While the world waits, co founders at the Animus Summit are actively rallying local Puerto Rican women entrepreneurs. The Animus Summit does not claim to have all the answers, but they are open to the idea of looking past government support and asking, what can we do for ourselves? What can we do for our country? By actively recruiting women from all demographics, cutting edge innovators and entrepreneurs from an...

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This is how much Hurricane Maria has cost Puerto Rico

On Wednesday September 6, Hurricane Irma the strongest atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded, ravaged Puerto Rico with rough winds clocked at 130 mph . On September 20, the island would brace itself again for Hurricane Maria. It goes without saying that the first category four storm to hit the islands directly in 85 years less than a month apart from its predecessor has seriously damaged the islands. Over half of the islands remain without power as the power grid that was damaged by Hurricane Maria is in its infancy of reconstruction. As of November 17, the official death toll...

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Unhappy with approved fiscal plan, Puerto Rico creditors make moves to change it

Events are unfolding fast as the Fiscal Management & Oversight Board appointed to oversee the finances of Puerto Rico and ensure that the territory stays on track to hit budget goals, announced that it would be backing Governor Rosselló’s fiscal plans for the crisis. In response to feeling left out of the deal, a group of bondholder’s namely the Franklin advisors and The Oppenheimer Fund, issued a letter on March 13 detailing their issues with the united support of the plan without their input. Creditors had filed suit against the Puerto Rican government and its former Governor Garcia Padilla...

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Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Gonzalez looks to Oversight Board to help stop Medicaid crisis

On March 13, 2017 the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, Jenniffer Gonzalez, wrote a letter to Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Oversight and Management Board asking them to fulfill its prime initiative: to help the territory balance its budget and advise the President and the Congress of the United States on the unfolding crisis and how best to handle it. Puerto Rico is in a financial crisis previously reported on by Pasquines. Currently $70 billion in debt, this is one of a few pleas territory officials have made to Congress and our nation’s President in hopes that they would be able...

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Book of the week: Untold History of The United States

It’s 3 AM and after having binged on The Office, Seasons 1-9 for the month of February, I needed something different. I just happened to be scrolling through Netflix and found a gem, Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States. It is a documentary series on the background information of American history and politics that shaped the United States but that very few people actually know of. I was thrilled to find that the information seen on screen had been adapted for a book, The Concise and untold History of America and that it is available in print...

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