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Author: Fernando Salazar

How infrastructure reform could affect the US territories

President Donald Trump’s recently unveiled infrastructure plan has already come under significant fire from analysts for missing its total fundraising mark by over $1 trillion dollars. The plan aims to provide $200 billion in an initial federal investment in the hopes of bringing in state and local governments, as well as private investors, in order to fill the gap of nearly $1.3 trillion. The White House’s infrastructure plan entails consulting with special entities of the United States, such as tribal and territorial governments, on how best to allocate funding for infrastructure projects within their jurisdictions. The government’s proposed Transformative...

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Federal budget delivers huge victory for Jenniffer González-Colón

The two-year bipartisan budget agreement unveiled by the Democratic and Republican leaders of the United States Senate has delivered a huge victory for Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner, Jenniffer González-Colón. The deal, negotiated by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) of New York, would increase federal spending by around $400 billion and put an end to the recent partisan skirmishes over the nation’s budget. Included in this deal is a nearly $90 billion relief package to disaster-affected regions of the country, including California, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. About $7...

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Rosselló and Pierluisi clash in last debate

On Tuesday night, the two leading candidates for the New Progressive Party’s (Partido Nuevo Progresista, or PNP in Spanish) gubernatorial nomination for this fall’s general election campaign presented themselves in front of Puerto Rican audiences to make their respective cases. The two men are incumbent resident commissioner Pedro Pierluisi and doctor (and son of former governor Pedro Rosselló) Ricardo Rosselló. The two went head-to-head for the final time before the critical island-wide primaries on June 5. The debate, moderated by Ruben Sanchez, featured distinct question sections. The questions primarily came from education, political status, and economic issue areas. Despite...

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Gallardo hopes to inspire a democratic resurgence

Review Popular Democratic Party Candidate for Puerto Rico House of Representatives District 5 3 Editor’s note Today Pasquines unveils Candidate Reviews, a series of posts where we interview candidates for elected office, and review them based on their answers, record and experience. We aim to help voters identify the best candidates looking towards the primaries and elections. On April 7th Pasquines was able to catch Luis Gallardo, a PDP candidate for Representative District 5, in between campaigning in order to discuss his candidacy and more. Luis Gallardo is currently a municipal legislator for Aguas Buenas where, for more than five...

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The United States Supreme Court might give Puerto Rico the help it needs

On March 22nd, a truncated Supreme Court heard the oral arguments in Puerto Rico V. Franklin California Tax-Free Trust, which challenges a local law that relieves cash-strapped utilities on the island in order to help them meet their obligations to their creditors. At the heart of the case lies a 1984 amendment to federal bankruptcy law that categorically denies U.S. territories from seeking bankruptcy relief because they are not states. Puerto Rico, embroiled in a 70 billion dollar debt crisis and with federal protection precluded, had no other option but to create its own law–the Recovery Act. Under this law,...

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