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Author: John Wilson

Ongoing debate regarding use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam era in Guam

For decades, concerns from the citizens of Guam as well as many United States military veterans have circulated about the reported use of the toxic herbicide Agent Orange on the island. Now, the United States federal government has begun to address the issue for the first time since a class action lawsuit was filed in 1979. Sampling of the soil at multiple subsites across Guam starting in spring of 2018, resulted in inconclusive findings. A new series of tests are currently underway, results are expected to be announced soon. The recent attention to concerns of toxic herbicides like Agent...

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The future of the Puerto Rican recovery in question

The divide between the Trump administration and Puerto Rico’s government was well-documented throughout the buildup and aftermath of Hurricane Maria. President Trump has come out in a series of public statements, saying that the monetary funds diverted to Puerto Rico’s disaster recovery were “beyond belief” and that the Puerto Rican government was nonetheless still asking for substantial more funds. In reality, FEMA has authorized disaster relief funds to the tune of $60 billion, while Puerto Rican officials have stated that the recovery process will cost upwards of $139 billion. President Trump, while criticizing what he calls incompetent government officials...

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Armed with the US House majority, Democrats seek to act on Puerto Rico issues

The Democratic Party, picking up the majority in the United States House of Representatives, will begin an uphill fight to implement their policies and objectives. One of the strategic objectives for the Democratic Party will be to put forth policies that will secure votes in the 2020 presidential election. In key states such as Florida, this will mean securing a larger portion of the Puerto Rican vote as well as attempting to get a larger voting base to show up at the polls for the election. The 2018 election cycle saw a critical change, albeit not shown in major...

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