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Author: Mackenzie Burns

Will the Senate help Puerto Rico?

Two bills have recently passed in the House involving Puerto Rico and its economic and Zika virus situations, leaving the United States Senate to act. HR 5278, a.k.a. PROMESA (Puerto Rico Oversight Management and Economic Stability Act), passed through the House Natural Resource Committee back in May. Puerto Rico is out of options. This bill is the only way to save the economy, and help prevent the Zika virus from destroying Puerto Rico. The recent primary election showed the disagreements about PROMESA that exist even within political parties. While it remains unclear how Senators will handle the bill, it...

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Bernie and Bill take Puerto Rico

With primary day in sight, two well-known national politicians made their way to Puerto Rico last week for one last attempt at gaining support.  The importance of June 5th cannot be overstated for Puerto Ricans.  Citizens of the U.S. territory are not allowed to vote in the general election, but they are given the right to vote in the primary elections.  This is their only opportunity to have any say in the 2016 presidential election.  Sixty pledged delegates are at stake for the Democratic primary.  Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, spoke at three events in Puerto Rico just weeks before...

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Zika virus threatens Puerto Rican economy

For Puerto Rico, mosquitoes are no longer just a pesky insect. The Zika virus has consistently gained media coverage since the Pan American Health Organization issued an alert warning about the disease one year ago. The virus, which is transmitted by two types of mosquitoes, is present in all but 7 U.S. states.  Symptoms in adults are usually minimal, but infected individuals are at an increased risk for Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which can be fatal.  If a pregnant woman contracts the virus, her child may suffer life-altering disabilities.  Microcephaly, or small brain, is one of the more devastating effects of the...

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