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Author: Oliver Diaz Neda

The future of our politics is at stake

All elections are about the future of our country, but this one is about the future of our politics and our national character. For two years now, we have seen the steady decay of any sense of decency, ethics, moderation, and inclusion as the brand of purposefully divisive, dishonest and poisonous brand of politics – exemplified by President Trump – progressed from marginalized novelty to accepted practice for an entire party. In two short years, we have learned to accept as normal the kind of boldfaced public lies, racism, demagoguery, and fear-mongering that would have sunk politicians in the...

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Republicans have a healthcare math problem

After 7 years of frantic and often obsessive efforts to repeal Barack Obama’s signature legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare), Republicans finally have their long awaited opportunity within reach. With both houses of Congress, the White House and nearly 2/3 of Governor’s mansions under party control, the Grand Old Party hasn’t been more well positioned to push their agenda forward in over a generation. Yet, even in the face overwhelming legislative and executive power, it has become clear that Republicans are beginning to come to grips with the complex political and economic realities that...

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Trump manhandled by Clinton in first presidential debate

Clear cut wins and losses are an exceedingly rare occurrence in national politics generally, and even more rare in presidential politics during the critical general election season. Yet, on the night of September 26, 2016, on the grounds of Hofstra University, Hillary Clinton managed to systematically dismantle her Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump with near surgical precision. It was, by many measures, the kind of lopsided, unambiguous victory that voters and pundits alike are unaccustomed to witnessing – the kind of victory that reshapes the perceptions of voters and re-frame the media narrative of the campaign. And it happened...

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How politics killed a great charity

Long before most governments or international institutions began taking active roles in areas like disaster relief, feeding the poor, housing the homeless or combating health crisis – philanthropic organizations served as the vanguard forces in the effort to support the most vulnerable populations around the world. The triumphs of civil society’s most respected institutions – charities – are many and well documented. Annually, tens of millions people’s lives are touched by the selfless sacrifices made by donors and volunteers working through some of the world’s best charities. Politics, on the other hand, has long been a dirty game that...

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The Reality-Free Election

If there is one popular political axiom in recent times that has garnered unequivocal bipartisan support, while at the same time being laughably disregarded in action, it’s the words of the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan: “Everyone is entitled to his (or her) own opinion, but not his (or her) own facts.” An unbiased observer looking at the political environment over the course of this season’s presidential primary campaign would note that the exact opposite attitude has been a defining characteristic underlying this enigma of an election. Everyone, it seems, has their own set of facts – their own...

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