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Author: ProPublica

5 Tips for Donating After Disasters

What should you do if you want to help? To whom should you send money? There’s no simple answer. And there is no one-stop shop that can answer those questions. But if you’re willing to put in a bit of time, you can be a more informed donor and increase the chances that your money will reach those in need. Here are a few tips, based on conversations with experts and reporting in Haiti: Research before you give. Take the time to read up on your group — this can be as simple as a few Google searches and...

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Puerto Rico turns to Lewandowski to lobby Trump on debt

EDITOR’S NOTE This report from ProPublica fails to clarify that PROMESA requires negotiations before any debt restructuring, and that it was enacted by the US government as an alternative to Chapter 9 of the IRS code, which is the law that prevented Puerto Rico and its municipalities from filing for bankruptcy, not the local Constitution. In addition, PROMESA has never been considered bankruptcy, but an alternative to it. We’ve republished the article to note the possibility of Gov. Rosselló’s administration hiring Lewandowski’s firm, and for its reporting which clarifies that Rosselló and Donald Trump have not met, contrary to what...

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Trying (and Trying) to Get Records From the ‘Most Transparent Administration’ Ever

by Justin Elliott ProPublica, March 11, 2016, 8 a.m. Two years ago last month, I filed a public-records request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency as part of my reporting into the flawed response to Hurricane Sandy. Then, I waited. The Freedom of Information Act requires a response within 20 business days, but agencies routinely blow that deadline. Eight months later, ProPublica and NPR published our investigation into the Sandy response, but it did not include any documents from FEMA. The agency had simply never gotten back to me. Finally, this Feb. 10 — 492 business days past the law’s 20-day...

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Hillary Clinton’s Mixed Record on Wall Street Belies Her Tough ‘Cut it Out’ Talk

by Jeff Gerth ProPublica, Nov. 13, 2015, 5 a.m. An updated version of this story was published by Politico. During the Democratic debate last month, Hillary Clinton assured viewers she would be a president at least as tough on Wall Street as her main opponent for the nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders. She cited her history as “a progressive who likes to gets things done.” Sanders and others, she added, might be “missing the forest for the trees” by aiming at big banks alone and not the more risky shadow banking system. Clinton also proudly recalled that while serving as...

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IRS Grants Nonprofit Status to ‘Dark Money’ Group Founded by Karl Rove

by Robert Faturechi and Derek Willis ProPublica Donors to the nonprofit group Crossroads GPS, founded by Republican strategist Karl Rove, no longer have to worry about their identities being disclosed. After a five-year wait, the IRS has approved the organization’s application for tax-exempt status. Crossroads had been the most active of the nonprofits that are funneling cash into politics 2014 often called dark money because the original source of the funds may be kept secret if the organizations have social welfare as their primary purpose. During the 2012 cycle, Crossroads reported spending almost twice as much on political ads...

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