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Author: Sean Fann

Nutritional assistance in Puerto Rico in desperate need of funds

More than one million Puerto Ricans may receive large cuts to their food aid if the United States government does not provide more funding to the territory’s nutritional program within the next month. Research conducted by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities revealed that roughly 1.4 million Puerto Ricans registered with the Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico program (NAP) would lose a substantial amount of funds for food with around 100,000 citizens being cut from the program altogether. One such example given by the research showed that a family of four would have their government funded aid dropped...

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US House committee members question Oversight Board debt estimates

Puerto Rico’s economic troubles have been plaguing the islands for years, but the newly elected United States House of Representatives may be exactly what the territory needs. Several newly arrived members of Congress wish to probe the board that was placed in charge of Puerto Rico’s financial crisis in order to determine if the actions they are taking are truly what is best for the island. As of writing this article, Puerto Rico’s overall debt sits at over 70 billion dollars and continues to rise. In response to this issue, The Obama Administration created The Financial Oversight and Management...

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