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Author: Sarah Haynes

Puerto Rico set to substantially reduce debt following Rosselló’s resignation

Following the resignation of former Governor Ricardo Rosselló (NPP, D), the Financial Oversight & Management Board for Puerto Rico has put out a new plan to remove 60% of Puerto Rico’s debt through auspicious plans and cuts to the general budget and other places across the board. This new plan comes just 2 months after the leadership shift on the islands and a generally tumultuous couple of years since the financial trouble lead to the bankruptcy and the creation of the oversight board in 2017. This plan includes several key facets that have effects on the people and businesses...

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Puerto Rico to send coal ash to Florida

It is a giant pile of toxic coal ash and no one really knows what to do with it. It is a problem that originated with toxic waste generated by Puerto Rico’s power plant and has grown to be a concerning problem that seemed to find a solution when a private company took the coal ash and sold it to the county of Osceola, Florida for $2.00 per ton, with an import that spanned from April to December. The waste is to be dumped into a landfill in a town that is already suffering reportedly poor air and water...

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Rosselló’s cabinet loses two of its main players

While Governor Rosselló has been defending his cabinet and officials from the United States federal government, he has also been having to clean up his own house a little bit following two major changes in his cabinet. Two of the heavy hitters serving as the secretaries in the Department of Education and Department of Public Safety have tendered their resignations to Rosselló. Julia Kehelerand Hector Pesquera have stepped down from their respective positions and we are starting to see the effects brought about by this change. Julia Keleher who was a transplant administrator that the Governor had brought over...

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The scandal surrounding the aid sent from Puerto Rico to Venezuela, in context

UN Secretary General Antionio Guterres says that humanitarian aid should never be used as a political pawn, but rather that the aid should be given out to those who would need it “…with the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence.” On February 7, the US territory of Puerto Rico sent a plane to Venezuela filled with supplies to assist the citizens in the dictatorially ruled South American country. Venezuela has been facing starvation epidemics, medicine shortages, and lack of daily necessities. The United States also pledged $20 million worth of aid to Venezuela, that’s in addition to 3,600...

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Talks of Puerto Rico statehood are alive and well

Talks of Puerto Rico statehood are alive and well over a year following the devastation of the hurricanes of 2017. Congressional members Jenniffer González-Colón and former Natural resources Chairperson Rob Bishop were working together on a memorandum regarding the plebiscite vote and beginning the process of moving Puerto Rico into statehood. While still in the draft stages the report is said to consider the plebiscite authentic despite the opposition of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) to the vote and their claims of illegitimacy. Before the hurricanes, Governor Ricardo Rosselló had made steps to enact a “Tennessee Plan” to send...

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