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Author: Timothy Toussaint

Puerto Rico’s big water problem

Puerto Rico’s drinking water supply system has been experiencing numerous health hazards affecting the citizens on the island. High levels of lead, bacteria, and unhealthy chemicals have created a toxic mix for residents on the island. Regulations have not been upheld, thus allowing this problem to grow. 70 percent of the population is served by water that violates federal health standards. The government-run water utility routinely fails to conduct the required safety tests. They continuously find failure in the safety tests they do conduct. The city of San Juan has the worst big-city water system in the nation. In...

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Puerto Rico enacts Equal Pay Act

On March 8 2017, Puerto Rico passed the Equal Pay Act. This law was created for the purpose of establishing a fair public policy of equal pay for equal work in order to eradicate the existing wage discrimination between employees of the public, and private sector, on the basis of sex. Although modeled after the Federal Equal Pay Act, this act goes further. It limits instances in which employers can inquire into an applicant’s salary history, pending certain circumstances. This helps because many employers take advantage of this information, in order to minimize women employee’s salaries. This law helps...

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Puerto Rico’s crisis hits retirees

Puerto Rico’s economic crisis has put tremendous stress and uncertainty on its public retirement system. The system has a $40 billion deficit it has to solve. This situation is extremely uncertain because the island says that its public retirement system could dry up within the next year. This is causing elderly citizens to go back into the workforce. The aging Puerto Rican population could very well end up in poverty. They already have to deal with high taxes, expensive medical bills, and increased utility rates. The former governor had to increase retirement ages, reduce benefits and increase employer/employee contributions...

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New York Fed releases Puerto Rico Small Business Survey

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York conducted a survey in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico focused on gathering information from small businesses. Small businesses in Puerto Rico employ more than 80% of all private sector workers. The survey took place from March 2016 through May 2016, and 1,295 firms responded to the survey. The final result came out in November 2016. The survey questionnaire focused on three broad areas: information about the respondent’s, firm demand for credit, and a special topics section addressing training as well as growth opportunities. Some of the most important highlights include:: About 43%...

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Puerto Rico’s medical crisis shows no signs of improvement

As Puerto Rico continues to deal with its economic recession, professionals in the medical industry have started to become directly affected by the crisis. Many Doctors, including pediatricians, surgeons, orthopedics, neurologists; are leaving Puerto Rico because of the economic downturns that persist. Doctors are leaving and citizens are losing their healthcare providers. Up to 700 doctors are expected to leave the island this year. The territory’s number of doctors have dropped from 14,000 to 9,000 in the past decade. They leave towards the US mainland for higher wages and lower living costs. There is a huge shortage of specialized...

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