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Delegate candidates debate issues facing Guam

Delegate candidates debate issues facing Guam

Not only will November 8 decide the fate of Guam's governorship, but its one congressional delegate seat is also up for grabs. On October 20, the two candidates for delegate of Guam met at the Hyatt Regency Club Resort to debate issues facing the territory. Their...

Puerto Rico poised to say yes to statehood in plebiscite

The United States territory of Puerto Rico is poised to favor statehood in its upcoming status plebiscite on November 3, 2020, according to Pasquines' 2020 Elections Territorial Poll from October. In the poll, 70.20% of respondents indicated they would vote in favor...

The 2020 Elections Territorial Poll – October Edition

Maybe now is a better time. After unsuccessfully launching our 2020 election polling efforts in February of this year, we are launching one more attempt to poll the voters of the United States territories. The pandemic unraveled our plans, with local primaries being...

The February 2020 Elections Territorial Poll

Pasquines is proud to announce the first of our 2020 polls, open starting today to all residents of the United States territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa. This is the first ever poll to...