Furnishing his status issue credentials, Ricardo Rossello, spokesperson for Boricua Ahora Es announced he and his BAE group, filed a complaint before the Civil Rights Commission in Puerto Rico for what they consider to be a violation of the voters’ will in the past plebiscite held November 6, 2012, as El Vocero reports.

The group turned in the signatures of 114 voters, who represent the 114 years of Puerto Rico having a territorial status under the United States. They stated their hope that the commissioner would hold hearings and investigate whether the civil rights of those who vote in the past plebiscite have been violated. It is unclear whether the violation they refer to is the inaction of Congress or the actions of the Government of Puerto Rico against the results, which they consider invalid.

The move by Rossello constitutes another opportunity to showcase his actions on the status issue, in what many see as his preparations for a gubernatorial run in 2016.