The government itself has confirmed that as of today, it has not created a single job with the ‘Jobs Now’ law promoted by the Garcia Padilla administration, said Representative Gabriel Rodriguez Aguilo. In a public hearing on the budget, the Executive Director of the Commerce and Export Company, Francisco Chevere made the statement in response to questions from Rodriguez Aguilo.

“This government has dedicated itself to manipulate and hide figures, instead of keeping the promises they made to the people to win the elections. They promised 50,000 jobs in the first 18 months of the term, they insisted that the ill-name Jobs Law they would create those jobs, and today their economic team has accepted that they have not generated any jobs in this first semester, that they expect to have 2,070 jobs for December, well below the 50,000 they promised. They demonstrate each day that they are not ready to govern” indicated Rodriguez Aguilo.

The lawmaker indicated that in the public hearings, they are confirming much information “that is hidden from the people, the economic team of the Governor couldn’t deny the figures of unemployment of the Federal Department of Labor, where it is indicated that since December of 2012, to April 2013, the island has lost 9,000 jobs.”

“Many of us have pointed out the lay offs in the government due to political persecution, the lack of strategy in the economic area has scared investors as was reported yesterday, when Wall Street experts recommended to not invest in the island’s bonds, the financial outlook with the new 50 taxes of the PPD does not look good, ending in bankruptcies, business closings. The PPD arrived to power without an economic or governance plan, and it is costing the territory ” added Rodriguez Aguilo in his written statement.

Rodriguez Aguilo served as Vice President of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico during the 2009-2012 term.