New american cable news channel Al Jazeera America‘s program The Stream will cover the political status of Puerto Rico today in its 7:30pm broadcast. The Stream currently has Latino RebelsJulio Ricardo Varela as one of its Associate Producers, who likely encourage the production of the show to pursue the topic.

Over the past day, the program’s twitter feed has been asking questions regarding the status issue, and how it is affecting the US territory of 3.7 million Americans.

On the show’s Facebook page, the mere mention of the possibility of Puerto Rico statehood unleashed a barrage of pro independence supporters who, contrary to what their strong internet showing would show, are merely 5% of voters in the territory.



Pasquines could confirm that among the guests for the show will be Jose Hernandez Mayoral, Secretary of Federal and International Affairs for the Popular Democratic Party, Jose Cabrera, former President of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association, Lynnette Acosta representing the Puerto Ricans in the states, who was also a National Chair for Obama for America, Rene Vargas Martinez, former student leader in the University of Puerto Rico, in addition to video comments from Juan Agustín Marquez, Director and Producer of The Last Colony, a documentary on the political status issue, and this writer.

Among the topics covered will be the current status and its effects on Puerto Rico, how the issue can be addressed, and who should have a say in the process, with arguments for including for Puerto Ricans in the status facing against those who favor only the vote of those currently residing in the islands.

The show is the first national tv program to focus on Puerto Rico and its political status, since the issue has barely registered in the national conversation, being mentioned only right after the results of the 2012 plebiscite in November.

You can check if your cable provider has the AJAM network here, although if you live in Puerto Rico, you are out of  luck . you can watch on Dish Network channel 215 or on 4DTV channel W5261.