It looks like over at the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association someone finally remembered their constitution requires elections every year, with the student organization making an announcement about this year’s process over the weekend.

According to the Constitution, elections must occur between the second and third weeks of May, with the voting method being approved by the first week of May, and the voter list by the second. Neither one of this things will happen in time, but it seems that they want to have the process happen in May, since the group announced one of the tightest election schedules seen to date in the organization’s history, with barely 24 hours of notice to nominate candidates, and less than a week to register.

From the Facebook event for the elections:




ELECTIONS MAY 30-31, 2014

This means candidates will have less than a week to campaign and spread the word about the process. Like in previous years, former PRSSA President Jose Cabrera will be in charge of the Elections Committee, with no names yet made available for the candidate representatives.

The Candidates

By tomorrow there should be a listing of candidates for the position, although with a schedule so tight, it would not be unexpected to have that deadline extended because of a lack of candidates. We haven’t heard any rumors about possible contenders. Current President Josue Rivera appears to be retiring pursuant to his graduation from the University of Puerto Rico – Bayamon.

If we were to speculate, based on those that remain in the National Board, Kevin McClintock, son of former Secretary of State, President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, and PRSSA founder and President Kenneth McClintock is likely to appear on the ballot. It remains unclear if McClintock is eligible for the presidency, since there was no announcement when he joined the National Board, and constitutional requirements. But since this is all speculation, and by tomorrow we will presumably have an idea of who is running to lead the organization we can lay that discussion to rest.

Expect completely new faces, and extremely low turnout and many uncontested positions within the National Board. If you’re a registered student and wish to vote go register now. And if you plan on running, well hurry, you have till 8pm tonight.