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El “revolú” de la perspectiva de género


We stumbled upon this blog post that ends up explaining the current mess regarding the “gender perspective” policy the Department of Education is seeking to implement. You may have heard how there was a huge march sponsored by mostly religious groups opposing the policy, due to their fear of the government infringing on their rights as parents to educate their own children.

Now mind you, as is explained in the post, this new policy would have nothing to do with sexual education, and isn’t even defined yet, but misinformation spread through social media has fueled an uproar that resulted in today’s embarrassing protests.

From the post (translated:

The problem seems to be that, those who criticize the idea, as well as those who want to defend it, do not understand at all what education about gender perspective is about.

The problem was intensified when some senseless person, either to add fuel to the fire, due to pure ignorance, or looking to precisely demonize the concept, decided to share a series of false images that showed some supposed books that would be use to impart this education.

Which explains how we ended up with gems such as this one: