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Will Puerto Rico Become The New Cuba In Florida In The 2016 Election?


Your Saturday reading is brought to you by BuzzFeed’s Adrian Carrasquillo talking about the potential of Puerto Ricans who live in Florida affecting the 2016 elections.

When President Obama became the first sitting president to visit Puerto Rico since John F. Kennedy in the midst of the 2012 cycle, it wasn’t because the island is a pivotal swing state. Residents of Puerto Rico can’t vote for president, even though they’re U.S. citizens.
That is not the case in Florida, however, where the Puerto Rican population is booming. Between 2010 and 2013, nearly 150,000 more people left Puerto Rico than settled there, according to Pew. Puerto Ricans, in fact, are poised to pass Cubans as the largest Latino group in the state in the coming years. Obama would go on to win Florida by less than 1%, with internal campaign numbers showing they won 86% of the Puerto Rican vote.

This all brings some pleasant memories…