Make your Sunday reading this piece on Puerto Rico and its touristic side. It’s a nice break from the usual:

Beneath indigo skies speckled with starlight, well-heeled arts patrons and civic leaders spilled out of the opulent lobby of the Condado Vanderbilt, where they’d turned out as much for a pop-up shop of designer fashions and jewelry as for the scene itself. Sun-kissed guests draped in elegant clothing sipped Champagne, chatted and air-kissed.

The hotel, a newly restored palatial resort with a legendary pedigree dating to 1919, had just reopened to much fanfare, and it seemed poised to once again become the epicenter of refined San Juan social life. As I surveyed the crowd, I was transported to my own past, when girls like me swanned at debutante parties in grand ballrooms and women like my mother attended fashion shows in hats and gloves.