At The Hill’s Congress Blog, former Puerto Rico House of Representatives speaker and current secretary of the New Progressive Party Jose Aponte taunts the Popular Democratic Party with an opinion boasting about the strength and of the NPP and the statehood movement overall.

In Puerto Rico, the New Progressive Party (NPP), which seeks statehood, have grown from a purely second political option to a commanding position only rivaled by the Democratic Party dominance over U.S. politics in the 1940s.
Since its inception in the Island’s political landscape back in 1967, the NPP has consistently increased its number of affiliated voters, a distinction no other party can claim. More to the point. In the last four elections the NPP has been the only party to topple the 48 percent mark, and in 2008, the party got almost 54 percent of the vote, something unprecedented in a multi-party system.

Pretty bold claims that are all but guaranteed to warrant a response from the opposition. In the meantime, as the editors of the website are likely to do, enjoy the comment section.